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Anti-Racist Checklist

01 November, 2020 - 2 min read

We are dedicated to ending the normalized and pervasive exploitation of black and brown people in software.

  • Do you provide a feedback loop to be alerted of harm, address areas where the code did not prevent harm and remain accountable for the harm done?
  • Does your team have a process for quick deploys to push live changes that address harm?
  • When testing your software before deploy, are your test users from diverse backgrounds and given instructions to check for ways your software could harm its black users?
  • Do you have people of marginalized genders, socio-economic backgrounds, nationality and race contributing to your open source project?
  • Does the way you have implemented your project account for the intersections of the black community that has the potential to be doubly hurt by your software?
  • Are you using industry best practices for storing user data, providing users with the opportunity to opt-out of sharing data, and commit to not storing unnecessary user data?



Contributing to the Anti-Racist Checklist

  • Fork the repository.
  • Add a new row to the ATR/src/content/ , with the project name in the first column, the project description in the second column, and project link in third column. Please follow markdown syntax and separate each column with "|" (pipe sign).
  • Update date at the top of the markdown file.
  • Open a pull request.